Pressure, electrical & temperature calibrations

Industrial sites and manufacturing facilities use a wide range of temperature, electrical and pressure transducers and sensors. In order to ensure correct plant operation sensors need to be tested and calibrated regularly to ensure they meet performance specifications. Failure to do so could result in costly production downtime, safety issues or product quality issues.

Frequently compact calibrators such as the Druck DPI620G are used to perform electrical, temperature, frequency and pressure calibrations. However, their performance is only as good as their last calibration. This is why the manufacturer recommends regular calibration by an accredited calibration laboratory, such as that operated by Thermo Fisher Scientific.

Thermo Fisher Scientific is NATA accredited for a wide range of calibration parameters and is therefore able to provide the highest level of confidence for the user of calibration instrumentation.


What instruments can be calibrated:

Thermo Fisher Scientific is able to provide NATA calibration services for a wide range of portable calibrators including the following brands:

    • - GE Druck
    • - Ametek
    • - Crystal
    • - Beamex
    • - Kyoritsu
    • - Fluke
    • - Megger
    • - Transmation
    • - Hewlett Packard
    • - Agilent
    • - Yokogawa



What parameters can be calibrated?

Pressure We can calibrate pressure equipment from as low as -100kpa and as high as 70,000kpa. NATA calibration calls for calibration across 21 points.

Heat & Temperature Our NATA accredited heat and temperature laboratory is temperature and humidity controlled and capable of actual and simulated temperatures to accuracy of 0.05ºC. NATA calibration calls for calibration across 3, 5 or 6 points.** The laboratory is also capable of non-NATA accredited humidity measurements of 10% to 90% at accuracy of 2%.

Frequency of calibration NATA recommends that the end user of the equipment judge their own calibration frequency based on their individual knowledge of their process and how critical accurate measurements are. Manufacturers’ of calibration equipment typically recommend at least an annual calibration.


Why NATA accreditation?

NATA is the authority responsible for the accreditation of laboratories, inspection bodies, calibration services, producers of certified reference materials and proficiency testing scheme providers throughout Australia.

NATA provides independent assurance of technical competence through a proven network of best practice industry experts for customers who require confidence in the delivery of their products and services. NATA formally recognises that these facilities produce reliable technical results. Insisting that your instruments are NATA calibrated helps ensure the highest level of performance and traceability.

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