Liquid Handling & Dispensing



Manual Steppers

Finnpipette* Stepper Pipette

Thermo Scientific* Finnpipette Stepper Pipette is a lightweight, easy-to-use repeater pipetter designed for one-handed dispensing. Allows rapid repeat dispensing up to 45 times in succession without refilling. This lightweight, ergonomically designed pipette allows you to rapidly dispense up to 45 times in succession without refilling. Operating on the positive displacement principle, the Finnpipette Stepper is ideally suited for work with aggressive and viscous liquids
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Finnpipette* Multi Channel Stepper Pipette

Thermo Scientific* Finnpipette Multi channel stepper Pipette reduces the risk of error and increases productivity in immunoassay applications. This lightweight, easy-to-use repeater pipette provides simultaneous dispensing in eight channels. Designed especially for work with microplates, the Finnpipette Multi stepper helps speed up routine laboratory procedures ...Request information

Eppendorf Multipette® plus:

This manual hand-held dispenser is the ideal precision instrument for saving time and speeding up long series pipetting. Increased volume selection provides all-round support for research tasks allowing outstanding flexibility. The Combitips are replaced in the blink of an eye and the handling is more than kind to your hand and thumb muscles ...Download brochure


Electronic Steppers

Eppendorf Multipette® stream and Xstream

The Eppendorf Multipette® stream and Xstream are the first electronic dispensers to combine easy handling with a broad range of features. The Multipette stream is suitable for all standard dispensing applications. For highend applications, such as titration and aspirating of supernatants, the Multipette Xstream is your hand dispenser of choice. When combined with the Combitips plus system, both pipette/tip teams make an unbeatable and essential lab tool for all liquid handling applications...Download brochure

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