Hand-Held/Portable Refractometers- Bellingham and Stanley

Hand-Held/Portable Refractometers- Bellingham + Stanley

The use of a hand refractometer facilitates convenient and rapid measurement of concentration in a number of liquid and semi-solid samples. Food applications include the measurement of sugar in grape must and other fresh fruit, processed food, sugar solutions and beverages. Starch, honey and salt solutions may also be measured. Hand held refractometers are also commonly used to control blend ratios of various industrial liquids. Chemical blends such as glycols, battery acid, heat exchange fluids, automotive antifreeze, aviation ‘wing de-icers’ and aviation fuel ‘ice inhibitors’ can be controlled easy whilst measurement of industrial fluids such as coolants, quenchants and hydraulic oils are commonplace.


Opti Digital Hand Held Refractometer

The new Bellingham + Stanley OPTi digital hand held refractometers are manufactured in the UK as highly reliable premium quality instruments suitable for use in the harshest of environments. There are many different models within in the OPTi family covering not only the commonplace food, beverage and chemical instruments but also life science, automotive, heat transfer and even customer specific applications ...Download brochure

Eclipse Optical Hand Held Refractometer

Quality at an affordable price!
Hand-held refractometers are low-cost, portable instruments used for ‘on the spot’ determination of Refractive Index (RI) of liquids or the concentration of solutions. Offering a choice of scales, Eclipse refractometers can be used in a multitude of applications across many and varied industries. By combining the best available modern manufacturing methods and materials and a good understanding of customer requirements, B+S has achieved a quality instrument at a very competitive price. The ECLIPSE is both a practical and aesthetically pleasing design. Eclipse refractometers are supplied with a soft protective carrying case and a certificate of conformity ...Download brochure

E-line 80 Refractometer

The E-Line 80 is a dual scale Brix refractometer ideal for use in the food industry and other applications requiring concentration measurements over a wide measuring range up to 80° Brix (%weight sucrose). The instrument is of all metal construction with range selection being made by a simple rotary control on the instrument barrel. The E-Line 80 is calibrated to read accurately at 20°C. Readings can be taken at any other temperature by applying a correction factor or by adjusting the °zero calibration screw to offset the effects of temperature compared to the reading of water ...Download brochure

E-line 90 Refractometer

The E-Line 90 is a full scale Brix refractometer ideal for use in the food industry and other applications requiring concentration measurements over a wide measurement range. This instrument has the additional feature of achromatising prisms, making it ideal for use with samples that do not have the same dispersion characteristics as sugars. This allows the instrument to be used for measuring mineral oils, essential oils and other industrial chemicals, with refractive index values being taken from a table ...Download brochure

E-line Gemological Refractometers

The E-Line Gemological refractometer is a low cost, lightweight measuring instrument used by jewellers and traders of gemstones to measure polished stones over a refractive index range of 1.30 to 1.81 RI. The instrument can also be used to identify whether a particular stone is Isotropic or Anistropic (uniaxial or biaxial). Refractive Index is one of the most important optical parameters used to identify and authenticate polished precious and semi-precious gemstones ...Download brochure

E-line ATC Refractometers

The E-line ATC range of hand held refractometers are ideal for use in beverage, confectionery, jam and other ‘sugar’ applications as well as for calculating concentration or blend ratios in industry such as antifreeze, coolants and quenchants. The instruments are particularly suited for testing semi-solid substances such as apples, melons, grapes sugar beet and potatoes during the harvest period in order to establish fruit ripeness. Juice from the product may be squeezed onto the prism surface or alternatively a slice 2mm thick may be placed on the prism surface for direct reading of sugar content ...Download brochure


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