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The test and measurement product portfolio is complemented with reliable magnetostrictive linear position measurement system, strain gauges, general purpose and low profile load cells, both contact and non-contact torque transducers for use in industrial environments. All products are used for demanding applications in measurement, testing, R&D labs across Australia and New Zealand.


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Stress Analysis

Vishay Micro-Measurements range of precision strain gauges, strain sensors and instrumentation are designed to meet the many and varied test requirements encountered throughout the field of experimental stress analysis.

Accelerometers & Tilt Sensors

Unique thermal MEMS accelerometer components deliver outstanding 0g offset stability, vibration Immunity, and 50,000g shock tolerance. Cost-effective, single-, dual- and tri-axis sensors with internal signal conditioning, environmental packaging, and analog or digital outputs options.

Inertial System & AHRS

 MEMS-based solutions for measurement of static and dynamic motion in a wide variety of challenging environments, including; avionics, remotely operated vehicles, agricultural and construction vehicles, and automotive test.


Force & Torque Sensors

We are a single source for most of your test and measurement needs and offer one of the broadest product ranges of sensors, instrumentation and repair/calibration services in the industry.

Acoustic/NVH Analysis

This range of binaural measurement, acquisition and analysis software is an ideal tool for acoustic analysis and real life playback. All psycho acoustic parameters can be measured and analysed to help with eliminating unwanted noises in manufactured products.

Vibration Continuous Monitoring

Vibration monitoring tools including continuous online monitoring, surveillance scanning, wireless condition monitoring, proximity probes, as well as the Australian built VMU-3 Vibration Monitoring Unit for continuous monitoring.

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