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DataTaker Live
Industry-driven cloud solutions
DataTaker Live is built to help companies Collect, Monitor, Analyze, Store and Share information that improves connectivity and data acquisition of process instruments and industrial systems. Our solution increases operational productivity and efficiency.

  • Customised solution
  • Easy Set up
  • Data logging and monitoring from your PC, smart phone or tablet
  • Affordable
  • Service subscription allows unlimited users

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Monitor:  Real-time remote access to measurements from anywhere at any time and allowing configuration changes for DataTaker loggers from your computing devices.

Store & Share:  Synchronize and save data to your personal cloud account. DataTaker Live dashboard lets you collaborate and share data.

Collect:  Automatic data uploading from sensors, loggers or Industrial gateways to your personal cloud service account.

Analyze:  Data analysis with standard and custom scripts.

DataTaker Live Logic

What is DataTaker Live?

DataTaker Live is a web-based intuitive graphical interface that allows customers to collect, process and share data across all platforms.

Why choose DataTaker Live?

DataTaker Live will enable easy acquisition of data from Devices via Ethernet, Wireless LAN, cellular network or Satellite to the cloud server enabling data analysis and storage.

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  • Customisable dashboard
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Real time and historical information
  • Visualisation of locations
  • Email & text alarm notifications
  • Data analysis
  • Configurable reports
  • Asset management
  • Alarms & notifications
  • Access data 24/7 globally
DataTaker Live Real Time DataTaker Live Alarms Map
Real-time and historical data monitoring
The DataTaker Live dashboard displays real-time sensor
measurements, calculations and diagnostic information using
a custom dashboard.
Alarms Map
DataTaker Live raises alarms to alert users through the
interface using colour coding when an abnormal condition
or problem is detected.



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