DataTaker CEM20

DataTaker CEM20
Increasing the channel capacity of the DataTaker DT80 range is made very easy by adding DataTaker Channel Expansion Modules (CEM20). Each CEM20 connects 20 universal data logging channels to the DataTaker data logger.

DataTaker enclosures give you the flexibility to install your DataTaker system in a harsh or otherwise unsuitable environment by providing protection against external conditions such as water, dust, and accidental damage. These enclosures are suitable for all dataTaker systems and can be used for, industrial, weather proof or portable applications.

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  • Turns one analogue channel into 20
  • Cost effective
  • Compact size
  • Ultra low power
  • Compatible with DT80 & DT85 series loggers
    (Series 2 and later)
  • Solid construction and design

*not compatible with DT82 range

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Item Code Description
DT4CEM20 Channel Expansion Module 20-60 Analog Channels



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