Flow Cytometry

We are committed to accelerating your science by providing a comprehensive suite of solutions for the analysis of cells and their function by delivering you our flagship flow cytometry products designed to deliver high-performance results and save you time.

Flow cytometry antibodies, assays and reagents

Our diverse collection of antibodies, assays, beads and buffers support leading research areas.


Flow cytometry instrumentation

Our instruments are designed to make flow cytometry available to both new and experienced researchers.


Flow cytometry education and support

Find tools, protocols and more detailed information or gain a basic understanding of techniques to help you plan and execute your experiments.


Flow Cytometry Panel Builderbeta


This online tool guides you through flow cytometry panel design, providing a simplified, customizable experience to fit your flow cytometry panel design needs.


How To use the Panel Builderbeta


Watch the video to learn how the Invitrogen Panel Builder can help you build your next flow cytometry panel in 5 easy steps.

Flow Cytometry Capabilities Guide

Download a copy of our Flow Cytometry Capabilities Guide and learn about our comprehensive suite of flow cytometry solutions to deliver you high-performance results and save you time.


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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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