Ultrafiltration Devices

Ultrafiltration Devices
Sample Concentration up to 20mL Initial Volume
With a broad range of volume capacities and MWCOs, Vivaspin centrifugal concentrators offer the optimal solution to any concentration or buffer exchange application.

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  • Concentration of biological samples containing antigens, antibodies or enzymes
  • Concentration of diluted protein samples from chromatography eluates
  • Desalting or diafiltration/buffer exchange
  • Sample concentration for crystallisation and NMR spectroscopy
  • Removal of very small or large contaminants

Vivaspin 500

Item Code Description Unit
SATVS0101 Vivaspin 500 0.1-0.5mL 10kDa MWCO PS membrane 25pcs
SATVS0111 Vivaspin 500 0.1-0.5mL 5kDa MWCO PES membrane 25pcs
SATVS0121 Vivaspin 500 0.1-0.5mL30kDa MWCO PES membrane 25pcs
SATVS0131 Vivaspin 500 0.1-0.5mL 50kDa MWCO PES membrane 25pcs
SATVS0151 Vivaspin 500 0.1-0.5mL 300kDa MWCO PES membrane 25pcs
SATVS0191 Vivaspin 500 0.1-0.5mL 3kDa MWCO PES membrane 25pcs

Vivaspin 2

Item Code Description Unit
SATVS0201 Vivaspin 2 0.4 – 2ml 10kDa MWCO PS membrane 25pcs
SATVS0211 Vivaspin 2 0.4 – 4ml 10kDa MWCO PES membrane 25pcs
SATVS0221 Vivaspin 2 0.4 – 2ml 30kDa MWCO PES membrane 25pcs
SATVS0231 Vivaspin 2 0.4 – 4ml 50kDa MWCO PES membrane 25pcs
SATVS0251 Vivaspin 2 0.4 – 4ml 300kDa MWCO PES membrane 25pcs
SATVS0291 Vivaspin 2 0.4 – 2ml 3kDa MWCO PES membrane 25pcs
SATVS0271 Vivaspin 2 0.4 – 4ml 0.2µm PES membrane 25pcs

Vivaspin 4 Turbo

Item Code Description Unit
SATVS04T92 Vivaspin turbo 4 2-4mL 3kDa MWCO PES membrane 100pcs
SATVS04T12 Vivaspin turbo 4 2-4mL 5kDa MWCO PES membrane 100pcs
SATVS04T02 Vivaspin turbo 4 2-4mL 10kDa MWCO PES membrane 100pcs
SATVS04T22 Vivaspin turbo 4 2-4mL 30kDa MWCO PES membrane 100pcs
SATVS04T32 Vivaspin turbo 4 2-4mL 50kDa MWCO PES membrane 100pcs
SATVS04T42 Vivaspin turbo 4 2-4mL 100kDa MWCO PES membrane 100pcs

Vivaspin 15 Turbo

Item Code Description Unit
SATVS15T92 Vivaspin turbo 15 4-15mL 3kDa MWCO PES membrane 48pcs
SATVS15T12 Vivaspin turbo 15 4-15mL 5kDa MWCO PES membrane 48pcs
SATVS15T02 Vivaspin turbo 15 4-15mL 10kDa MWCO PES membrane 48pcs
SATVS15T22 Vivaspin turbo 15 4-15mL 30kDa MWCO PES membrane 48pcs
SATVS15T32 Vivaspin turbo 15 4-15mL 50kDa MWCO PES membrane 48pcs
SATVS15T42 Vivaspin turbo 15 4-15mL 100kDa MWCO PES membrane 48pcs
SATVS15T52 Vivaspin turbo 15 4-15mL 300kDa MWCO PES membrane 48pcs
SATVS15T62 Vivaspin turbo 15 4-15mL 1000kDa MWCO PES membrane 48pcs

Vivaspin 15R

Item Code Description Unit
SATVS15RH91 Vivaspin 15R 4-15mL 2kDa MWCO hydrosart membrane 12pcs
SATVS15RH11 Vivaspin 15R 4-15mL 5kDa MWCO hydrosart membrane 12pcs
SATVS15RH01 Vivaspin 15R 4-15mL 10kDa MWCO hydrosart membrane 12pcs
SATVS15RH21 Vivaspin 15R 4-15mL 30kDa MWCO hydrosart membrane 12pcs

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