Anaerobic Glove Boxes

Anaerobic Glove Boxes
Coy Anaerobic Chambers eliminate oxygen to 0-5 parts per million (ppm) using a hydrogen gas mix (5% or less) reacting with a palladium catalyst to remove oxygen by forming a water molecule. A vacuum airlock is used to reduce oxygen levels prior to transfer of samples and tools in and out of the glove box. Access ports allow sample manipulation without ever exposing your samples to ambient conditions.


Temperature incubation options include heating the entire glove box to be your incubator or placing a specially designed Coy incubator within the workstation interior for a more comfortable working atmosphere for the users. Large Ports are included for large equipment transfer and smaller feed-thru ports available on every unit to pass cords/tubing in and out of the chamber in a sealed fashion.

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  • Vinyl chambers for the strictest atmosphere on the market and easiest operation and maintenance requirements
  • Polymer chambers for their compact size and gloveless sleeve options
  • Aluminum chambers for harsh chemical or cold room applications


Vinyl Chambers


Vinyl Chambers

Coy Vinyl Anaerobic chambers are constructed of flexible PVC with padded base, efficient vacuum airlock, and aluminum support frame.



  • Large equipment entry port
  • Replaceable gloves
  • Circulation System and Catalyst
  • Interior power supply with 5 outlets
  • Ports for additional tubing or cords
  • Vacuum pump included
  • Temperature control options


The Coy Vinyl Anaerobic Chamber is the most cited chamber in the world for anaerobic microbiology because it is the strictest anaerobic system on the market and the most efficient with regards to gas consumption. The vinyl expands and contract to allow for changes in internal pressure without expelling the expensive gas mix to room atmosphere saving you up to 60% on your operational gas cost annually.


The large oval glove ports allow all user to reach deeper and higher into the chamber for greater storage capacity and ergonomics. This allows a vinyl unit to be manufactured larger than other rigid style units which in turn makes it easier to maintain the anaerobic chamber conditions and helps create a stricter control of the anaerobic conditions.


Polymer or Aluminium Chambers


Polymer or Aluminium Chambers

Coy also offers both economical polymer and sturdy aluminum chambers. Our modular construction and accessories allow us to tailor a chamber that meets your needs.


Configurations and Types:


  • Vinyl, polymer or aluminum
  • Heated or unheated, or unheated with incubator
  • Gloved or gloveless


Standard Features – All Coy Anaerobic Chambers


  • Automatic or manual airlock with vacuum pump & tubing
  • Gas regulator(s) with tubing and fittings
  • Catalyst fan box(es) (heated or unheated)
  • Stak-Pak with Catalyst (two per fan box)
  • Six-receptacle plug strip
  • Feed-thru adaptor(s)



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