Custom Procedure Packs & Drapes

Thermo Fisher Scientific, through the provision of the Promed Surgical Solutions range are committed to providing you with the customised surgical solution to enable to you to take the time out of your operating procedure setups.


Our promed Custom Procedure packs are manufactured locally, and offer you a customised solution designed to reduce wastage, procedural set up time, and offer improved clinical patient outcomes.

The local manufacture of the custom procedure packs adds value in the following areas:

• A collaborative approach to the design and changes (if needed) in the manufacturing
of your packs
• Fast, controlled and efficient changes to pack recipes
• Flexibility in risk management initiatives that offers product assurance to your hospital
• Thermo Fisher Healthcare will assist with the integration of the Promed® Packs into your hospitals with the assistance of our education programs.
• Thermo Fisher Healthcare prides itself on its delivery and service model and offer local warehousing.

Thermo Fisher Scientific offer an extensive range of Promed Procedure Packs and stock a large selection of quality compliant components from a number of leading brands. Although specific requests for branded drapes can be included with the Promed Procedure Packs, the Promed Surgical Drape range offers:

• Superior Absorbency and Fluid Management
• Waterproofing where required eliminating strikethrough
• Patient comfort through low weight fabrics and skin friendly adhesives
• Improved Operating Theatre safety through low flammability materials
• Strength and drapability

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