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Thermo Fisher Scientific has a long established reputation as a leading supplier to the diagnostic imaging and healthcare communities. Our portfolio includes products by Signostics Limited, Parker Laboratories and Gallini Medical Devices, as well as our own brand products such as positioning foams and lead protective products.


Popular diagnostic imaging products

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Featured diagnostic imaging products


Signostics Uscan Ultrasound for Urological Care

Uscan puts smart ultrasound imaging in your team’s hands for more efficient and confident point-of-care clinical decision-making. Its ease of use allows all members of the clinical care team to acquire high-definition sonographic imaging, to inform treatment decisions, streamline workflows, and ultimately support treatment of a wider range of patients.


Parker Laboratories Ultrasound

Parker Laboratories is a recognised world leader in the manufacture of accessories and supplies for the ultrasound and electro-medical markets. Thermo Fisher is proud to offer you a range of Parker products to meet all your ultrasound consumable needs. All Parker products are designed to be latex free and hypoallergenic. New is the single bottle and two re-designed multi-bottle gel warmers that rapidly warm ultrasound gel and consistently maintain the temperature.


Parker Thermasonic Ultrasound Gel Warmer

Single bottle and two bottle gel warmers rapidly warm ultrasound gel and consistently maintain temperature. Durable construction, suitable for wall mounting or counter top use and each unit comes with a two-year warranty.





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