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Environmental & Industrial Process

Comprehensive range of high-end analytical and process instrumentation, laboratory and on-site monitoring equipment as well as a complete range of consumables, chemicals and reagents.

NATA traceable calibration and after sales services.

Service & Calibration

With 50 years of combined industry experience, certified lab engineers ensure the highest level of confidence for users of calibration instrumentation.


Environmental Simulation

A full range of environmental test chambers for the most challenging environment for simulation.


Process Mass Spectrometers

Thermo Scientific process gas analysis technologies deliver faster, comprehensive, lab quality online gas composition analysis.


Data Acquisition & Signal Analysis

Versatile data loggers compatible with most types of sensors providing with analogue and digital channels as well as WiFi options.


Air Quality Monitoring

Portable devices to monitor gas and dust emissions to ensure environmental compliance with regulatory limits.


Soil & Groundwater Remediation

Landfill and contaminated site pumping, intrinsically safe digital pump controllers with longevity. Wellhead caps, as well as all dimensions of tubes, hoses and fittings.


Workplace Safety

Advanced technologies to assist safety managers to maintain high standards in hazard identification and regulatory compliance. Ensure lone workers safety and minimize environmental footprint.


Lab Data Management

A suite of solutions to meet lab's specific needs, from enterprise-level integrated informatics to custom software for a particular application.


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