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We offer a large range of Portable Turbidimeters for use in the lab and field.


Orion* AQ4500

Thermo Scientific* Orion AQ4500 Turbidimeter offers advanced features not available on any other benchtop or portable turbidimeter ...More

Hach 2100Q

The Hach 2100Q and 2100Q IS Portable Turbidimeters offer unsurpassed ease of use and accuracy in turbidity measurement. Only Hach offers this unique combination of advanced features, such as assisted calibration and simplified data transfer, and measurement innovation, giving you accurate results every time ...Download brochure

Eutech TN100

Achieve lab-accurate, highly repeatable turbidity results during field work with Eutech’s TN 100. The lightweight meter operates on nephelometric principle of turbidity measurements, and is designed in compliance with ISO 7027 and DIN 27027 standards. The meter comes in a complete set with sturdy carry case, high-quality borosilicate vials and US EPA-approved non-formazin standards ...Download brochure

Orion* AQUAfast* AQ3010

Thermo Scientific* Orion AQUAfast AQ3010 turbidimeter is perfect for plant, field or lab, this simple, yet powerful turbidity meter offers impressive features ...More

Lovibond® TurbiCheck

The compact Lovibond® infrared turbidity meter TurbiCheck is designed to allow fast, precise onsite testing. The unit measures the scattered light at an angle of 90°, as stipulated in EN ISO 7027 ...Download brochure

Lovibond® TurbiCheck WL

The TurbiCheck WL allows easy turbidity measurement in either the field or in the laboratory. Using a „white light“ source and 90° detection, the TurbiCheck WL meets the specifications for EPA turbidity measurement (EPA Standard 180.1) ...Download brochure


The WP88 water quality instrument is a field-rugged meter. It is loaded with features yet easy-to-use ...Download brochure

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