Modular Walk-in Chambers

Modular Walk-in Chambers

Without compromising on high standards of quality and reliability, ACS wanted to avoid the costs of design and engineering normally associated with the customised walk-in chambers while reducing delivery times to twelve weeks or less. These modular designed walk-in chambers are comprised of four basic elements with configurations that can be customised to suit your requirements: a cooling unit, air treatment unit, user interface, and test room.

Cooling Unit: Comprised of the refrigeration equipment and humidification systems required for the control of the temperature and air humidity inside the walk-in chamber. The basic version requires either mains water or tower water for cooling.

Air Treatment Unit: Powerful fans draw the chamber air across the heat exchangers for cooling and dehumidification, heaters and control sensors before recirculating the conditioned air back into the chamber. A Pt100 sensor (temperature) and a capacitive probe (humidity) is used for control.

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User interface: The control system interface is positioned near the door for all the versions of the walk-in chamber. Includes an emergency stop push button, touch panel programmer/controller, RS 232/422 serial interface, and optional software and personal computer.

Test room: Featuring vapour-tight prefabricated panels suitable for multiple assembly and take down operations - AISI 304 interior, blue plastic coated zincor steel exterior. Insulation thickness of 120 mm.

The modular walk-in line includes four models offering a varied capacity:


  • Compact (10 m3)
  • Medium (16 m3)
  • Large (30 m3)
  • Extra Large (40 m3).


Additional features and benefits

  • Reduction in the lead-time for chamber production
  • Improved cost-effectiveness of the equipment
  • The ability to use the same combination of plant unit and air handling system on walk-in chambers which have:
    • Different geometry
    • Different temperature rates
    • Different minimum and maximum temperature limits
    • Different thermal load
    • Easy to assemble on site
    • Easy to disassemble, relocate and rebuild the equipment, if necessary
    • Possibility to upgrade or refurbish existing facilities by using the plant unit / air handling system / user interface without requiring major reconstruction work
  • Customised walk-in chambers also available

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