Discovery My Climatic Test Chambers

Discovery My Climatic Test Chambers

The ACS series of temperature and humidity (RH) test chambers, Discovery My, is eco-friendly and characterised by the brilliant and innovative design that feature a multitude of benefits. Incorporating the new all-in-one software MyKratos™, this allows users to manage, monitor and assist the chamber through mobile and desktop devices, using WiFi, Ethernet, or GPRS/UTMS connections.

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The new Discovery My climatic test chambers feature a range of benefits, including:

  • Specific test outfits for the following applications: Battery Testing, Fast Cooling by LN2, Solar Simulation Test, Air Conditioning Unit.
  • Cutting-edge control software, allowing users to manage, monitor, and assist the chamber in any place at any time in multiple ways (WiFi, Ethernet, mobile network)
  • Maximum safety when testing, thanks to the door opening by personal codes and user-settable temperature limits (default range is between 0 and 60°C)
  • Full range of performance capabilities, meeting all requirements from stability tests to the most severe stress screening applications
  • Eco-friendly: Low GWP refrigerant (R449A) is used in all the Discovery My models
  • Low energy consumption thanks to the Flower® range
  • 10 inch control touch panel
  • Visualisation and graphical analysis of measures and recordings
  • High configurability of chamber parameters
  • Test program editor:
    • Unlimited possibilities for storing cycles of 350 segments delaying their execution
    • Internal repetitions of 10 groups of segments up to 999 times each
    • Possibility to upload, edit, export, and delete already existing cycles and recordings
    • Graphic and numeric profile parameters data entry


Discovery is eco-friendly with the Flower® range

Flower® patented technology allows you to reduce your energy consumption and minimise environmental impacts by up to 70%.

This is thanks to the unique system which includes:

  • - An inverter that controls compressor speed and allows the adaptation of compressor power to different working needs
  • - A “cold sink” to increase the cooling efficiency


Additionally, up to 50% sound pressure reduction is obtained due to:

  • - An inverter on the compressor which reduces the rotation speed according to working conditions
  • - An automatic control system that reduces the condenser blower rotating speed according to ambient temperature and cooling power

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myKratos™ Chamber Management Software

MyKratos™ Chamber Management Software

MyKratos™ is the management software embedded on the machine in a dedicated, totally integrated hardware module that permits the control and management of the chamber’s functions. MyKratos™ requires no installation and is accessible from a PC via web browser (Google Chrome, FireFox) or through the free app developed for mobile devices (tablets and smartphones).


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