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Fronine Pathology Stains & Solutions

For over 25 years pathologists have relied on the consistent quality of Fronine brand stains and solvents in pathology laboratories throughout Australia. With a product range that extends to over 300 individual products, the Fronine brand includes stains and solvents for use in Histology, Microbiology, Haematology, Cytology and Parasitology.


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Featured Fronine products

Histology Stains & Solvents

Fronine the brand of choice for histology stains in laboratories across Australia offers a comprehensive range of stain formulations to suit individual applications. All Fronine stains are formulated and tested to ensure optimal performance and reproducibility for specific applications when used either manually or with automated staining instrumentation.

Microbiology Stains

Fronine's range includes all commonly used Microbiology stains and solutions which are available in a variety of pack sizes to suit your individual needs.

General Chemicals & Acids

Access a complete range of pathology reagents and acids from a single source with Fronine and Thermo Fisher Scientific.


Our range of fixatives includes all the standard solutions used by pathologists to preserve biological tissue from decay. By far the most commonly purchased fixative is 10% NBF which is available in a wide variety of pack sizes and containers to suit your individual needs.

Pathology Solvents

A reliable and consistent supply of quality pathology solvents is imperative to the smooth running of any laboratory. Rely on the quality of Fronine to assist in routine sample processing.


Cytology Stains

For over 30 years scientists have relied on the consistent quality and lot-to-lot reproducibility of Fronine Cytology stains. Our stains are manufactured to exacting standards to ensure optimum quality and performance.

Haematology Stains

The Fronine haematology range includes both routine and specialist stains which are available in powder and liquid form. Stains are produced to exacting quality control standards and designed to ensure reproducible lot-to-lot staining each and every time.

Dry Stains

In addition to the extensive range of pre-made stains available, we also have a comprehensive range of powder stains so you can prepare your own.


Fronine mounting media was specifically developed to provide a choice of mountants to suit the varying needs of pathologists.

Immersion Oil

A selection of immersion oils to increase the resolving power of your microscope.

Safety & Cleaning

Keep your laboratory environment clean and safe using our range of cleaning and decontamination solutions.

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