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Chromatography sample preparation

Sample preparation is a key step in analytical workflow. Our solutions include a multitude of consumables and automated platforms to enable fast, reproducible and easy sample preparation whatever your workflow requirements may be. From biopharmaceutical, and pharmaceuticals, clinical research and toxicology to food and environmental testing, our sample preparation products deliver the results you need.


Popular sample preparation products


Speedvac kit for strong
acids and bases

Ultrasonic bath with timer

HyperSep™ C18 Column
500 mg 6 mL

Featured chromatography sample preparation categories

Ultrapure water

Impurities in water can interfere with accurate and reporducible chromatographic results, therefore it is imperative to pay close attention to using ultrapure water with a total organic carbon (TOC) content below 5ppb.


Equipment and systems featuring weighing, measurement and automation technology for laboratory and industrial applications.


Microcentrifuges with the perfect blend of capabilities to support your mini- and micro-volume protocols.

Chillers and baths

A large range of high quality well known brands of water baths: circulating, cooling and heating, and chillers to cover the simplest applications to more complex research needs in laboratories and industry.

Mixers, shakers, hotplates and stirrers

Vortex mixers, shakers and stirrers for all applications, including demanding environments, fast and slow speeds, large volumes, high viscosity and submerged stirring.


Solid phase extraction

Select from our broad range of solid phase extraction (SPE) consumables and instrumentation to solve your sample preparation challenges.

Sample filtration

Sample filtration is critical for analytical chemistry to remove suspended solid impurities from liquid samples.

Liquid handling

Handheld and automated pipetting systems with designs available to specifically reduces user stress and optimise pipetting performance.

Sample disruption and homogenisation

Solutions for applications that require grinding, lysing, and homogenization of biological samples prior to molecular extraction.

Sample concentration

For complex and aggressive applications presented by the combinatorical chemistry and drug discovery sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, we have the systems for your lab.






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