Thermometers And Temperature Control Apparatus

Temperature control products including refrigerated/heated bath circulators, immersion circulators, immersion coolers, recirculating chillers, and water-to-water heat exchangers.
New design features enhance ease-of-use, reliability, reduction of noise levels, and provide considerable energy savings.


Baths and Accessories

Set-it-and-forget-it accuracy, faster heat-up to temperature and easy calibration features represent a giant leap forward in performance, configurability and technology for Thermo Scientific™ water baths and baths with external circulation. Configure flexible, cost-effective temperature control solutions for any application, including: pharmaceutical, BioTech, chemical/petrochemical, food and beverage, research and development ...More

Chillers and Accessories

Where reliable liquid cooling for your critical process is required, turn to our Thermo Scientific™ chiller solutions for your most valued samples. High quality and cost effective, our easy-to-use chillers are optimised for the most demanding applications ...More

Temperature and Humidity Instrumentation


A rull range of thermometers including digital, glass, min/max, mercury, red spirit, precision and probe. Use the key word search on our online store to find the model you require for your specific application.

Thermo Fisher Scientific Traceable® Thermometers

A wide range of affordable digital thermometers, innovative technology such as bottle probe thermometers for refrigerators/freezers and infrared thermometers that suit any application.
You are sure to find what you need for your application in this extensive catalogue
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