Spring Clean your Lab

Spring Clean your Lab Save on the Basics!
Breathe new life into your lab with a good Spring Clean this season.
There’s nothing more frustrating than dust and chemical powder remnants all over your storage shelves and lab bench, accumulated from the busy winter months.

Not only can it cause allergies but will also lead to contamination issues. So don’t forget to clear out, declutter and rejuvenate your bench and lab space.

To help ensure your lab is kept spotless and in order, find our best cleaners and detergents below:

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Cleaners and detergents

  Item Code Description Unit Promo Price
  DEC90-5L Decon 90 Liquid Concentrate 5 L $75.00
  DECNEUTRACON-5L Neutracon Liquid 5 L $79.50
  RBSRBS35 RBS35 Concentrated Cleaning Agent 5 L $89.00
  AJA726-5LPL Ethanol 70% w/w 5 L $25.00
  DIV12291 Pyroneg Liquid Cleaner 2 L $45.00
  DIV13231 Pyroneg Powder 3 kg $100.00
  LEI203330 Virkon S "50 x 5 g tablets" $90.00
  LEI6569B Virkon S Broad Spectrum 1 kg $130.00


  Item Code Description Unit Promo Price
  FSH03-574 Test tube brush 8.9 x 1.9 cm hog hair wire handle 12 pcs $20.00
  FSH03-541 Heavy duty beaker brush 10 x 6.4 cm wooden handle EA $14.00
  FSH03-565 General glassware brush 11 x 4 cm wire handle ring EA $6.50
  FSH03-570C Flask brush 12.7 x 4.4 cm plastic flexible handle EA $7.50


  Item Code Description Unit Promo Price
  RCR40510 WP solvent resistant wipes, 50 wipes x 12 bags 600 pcs $160.00
  RCRVC600 VC low lint wipes 35 x 55cm, 50 wipes x 12 packs 600 pcs $275.00

Safety glasses

  Item Code Description Unit Promo Price
  BOL1614401 Prism safety glasses clear frame clear lens EA $11.50
  BOL1650515 Override overspec safety glasses clear lens EA $9.50

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