Introductory offer on Micronova
cleanroom tapes and markers

With over 25 years of experience, Micronova® understands the cleaning challenges faced in controlled environments. As a result they have developed a full range of tapes and markers to meet the demanding requirements of cleanroom applications. With over 300 different types, colours and widths they are sure to have a tape to meet your specific needs.

See our introductory offer on selected Micronova tapes and markers below:

Autoclave indicator tape  

Cleanroom autoclave indicator tape

The green indicator lines on the tape turn black when proper levels of steam pressure and temperature have been achieved, providing quick confirmation of a completed sterilisation cycle. The printed lines cannot be rubbed off and will not contaminate instruments. This easy to handle tape adheres on contact and stays in place through live steam pressure.
• Lead and latex free
• RoHS compliant
• Wound on a plastic core

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  Item Code Description Unit Promo Price
  MCNAUTOPC-1 Cleanroom autoclave indicator tape lead free
25 mm wide 55 m long roll
EA $21.85
  MCNAUTOPC-12 Cleanroom autoclave indicator tape lead free
12 mm wide 55 m long roll
EA $15.65
CSLB Microseal cuff tape  

CSLB™ Microseal™ cuff tape

This polyethylene tape can be used to ensure an effective seal between the glove and garment when cleanroom gowning. With perforations at 76 mm intervals it allows the user to easily bind and tear at the optimum length to secure the glove. The polyethylene film removes cleanly ensuring no adhesive residue is left behind. It is also suitable for plate sealing, bundling and labelling applications.
▪ Wound on a plastic core
▪ Excellent peel/reseal properties and easy tear perforations
▪ Roll will seal approximately 42 gloves

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  Item Code Description Unit Promo Price
  MCNCSLB-2WH Microseal tape polyethylene 51 mm wide 16.5 m roll white EA $24.40
Extreme temperature tape  

Extreme temperature tape

Made of transparent amber polyimide film with a pressure sensitive silicone adhesive, the extreme heat resistant properties of this tape make it suitable for high heat and cold applications. The silicone adhesive ensures a clean removal from most surfaces even after being exposed to extreme temperatures.
▪ Suitable for temperatures of -70 to 260°C
▪ Flame resistant and heat sealing
▪ Cold storage and freeze drying suitable

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  Item Code Description Unit Promo Price
  MCN825-34AM Extreme temperature tape 19 mm wide 33 m long roll EA $30.50
Sharpie marker  

Sharpie® irradiated fine point marker

Fine point marker permanently marks on most surfaces with fade and water resistant ink.
▪ Quick drying
▪ Non-toxic alcohol-based ink formula
▪ Gamma irradiated and double bagged

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  Item Code Description Unit Promo Price
  MCNPEN-20IR Sharpie fine point black marker.
4pcs per inner double bagged
12pcs $45.95


LabMarkers permanently marks on cold or wet surfaces, plastic bags or disposable labware. Marks will not smear on reusable glass, metal or porcelain labware but can be scrubbed off.
▪ Quick drying
▪ Alcohol resistant ink
▪ Gamma irradiated and double bagged

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  Item Code Description Unit Promo Price
  MCNPEN-40IR LabMarker fine tip black marker.
5pcs per inner double bagged
10pcs $68.75
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