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DataTaker Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to questions that you might have about our products before you buy them, when trying to install and use for the first time, problems you might encounter, using our products with other products as well as code examples that demonstrate how to use our products in interesting and novel ways.


If you have questions that are not answered here, then please review the "Finding Information" tab or contact us below.

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Each of the product FAQs listed below has frequently asked questions and answers related to the DataTaker products mentioned.


  • DT80 Range - for the DT80, DT82E, DT82I, DT80G, DT81, DT85, DT85G, DT80M, DT85M, DT80GM and DT85GM data loggers
  • CEM20 - for the CEM20 channel expansion module


Application Software and 3rd Party Drivers

  • dEX - For the DT80 range web based interface
  • DeTransfer - for DeTransfer host software
  • DPlot - for DPlot charting software
  • LabVIEW Driver - for LabVIEW driver


Legacy Hardware

  • DT5/6xx Series - for the DT50/51/53, DT500/505/515, DT600/605/615 data loggers; CEM and PMD
  • DT800 - for the DT800 data logger
  • CANgate - for the CANgate CAN bus to ASCII gateway


Legacy Application Software

  • DeLogger - for DeLogger and DeLogger Pro host software
  • DeLoad - for DeLoad host software
  • DeView - for DeView host software


3rd Party Product Information

What third party products can I use with a DataTaker data logger?

There are a wide variety of third party products that can be used with DataTaker data loggers in a wide range of applications. Where possible, information on using third party products with DataTaker data loggers or links to such information is provided for your convenience.

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3rd Party Products include:


  • GPS Receiver (GPS Mouse)




  • Displays and Operator Interfaces
  • Vibrating Wire technology



Communications and Networking Products

  • Modem
  • WLAN/Router - Satellite, Radio, 3G, WiFi




  • Lightning protectors
  • Harsh Environment Connectors




  • Plotting and Data Presentation
    tools for Developers




  • Note that we do not sell or directly support these products. However we may be able to offer limited assistance with aspects related to their use with DataTaker data loggers.
  • Any information supplied here is supplied AS IS with no guarantees. We do not guarantee that 3rd party products mentioned here will fully integrate with DataTaker products. Any products known not to work with DataTaker products will be removed if we become aware of related problems.
  • Not all of these products have been tested by DataTaker.

Code Examples

Code solutions for various sensors and applications. The particular logger series that the example applies to is on a separate page. You may be able to modify some code examples to work on other series.


The examples posted here are to show programming techniques and are not completed applications when combining techniques please check re-use of variables.


This section has been broken into pages that are specific to particular DataTaker types and sections for general code examples and weather related techniques.


Finding Information

If you have questions that are not answered within our FAQ section, there are many other sources of information about our products. Visit our "Resources" section to download documents via the links below for a specific resource, or visit our resource library to view all:


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