TSX Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers

Our premium TSX ultra-low freezers (ULT) meet the highest sustainability, temperature management and reliability standards for -80°C and -70°C storage. Powered by V-drive technology, these state-of-the-art, upright freezers provide energy savings of up to 70% without compromising sample protection. They're quiet and enable lower HVAC costs with very low heat ouput. Manufactured in a zero-waste facility, the newly expanded premium series is built with natural refrigerants and water-blown foam insulation.


Thermo Scientific TSX ULTs now also feature an updated warranty - 5 years parts and labour warranty as standard, with an additional 7 years on the variable speed compressor system. This is 12 years of compressor coverage.

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Item Code Description Temperature Capacity (volume) Capacity (boxes) Energy Consumption* Door Opening recovery Warm up time
(-80C to -50C)**
Noise Level
TMOTSX40086V TSX ULT freezer -86˚C 549 L 400 boxes 7.9 kW-hr/day 17 min 267 min 47.5 dBA
TMOTSX50086V TSX ULT freezer -86˚C 682 L 500 boxes 8.3 kW-hr/day 24 min 282 min 49.0 dBA
TMOTSX60086V TSX ULT freezer -86˚C 816 L 600 boxes 8.7 kW-hr/day 24 min 303 min 45.5 dBA
TMOTSX70086V TSX ULT freezer -86˚C 949 L 700 boxes 9.6 kW-hr/day 27 min 282 min 48.0 dBA
* Energy calculation: Typical freezer data based on internal testing with freezer setpoint at -80˚C and ambient temperature at 20˚C
** Warm up time: Typical freezer data based on internal testing with freezer setpoint at -80˚C and ambient temperature at 20˚C

Designed to meet the highest protection and sustainability standards for ultra-low storage

  • Best peak variation of energy efficient ultra-low freezers: Less than 5˚C
  • Fastest door opening recovery on the market: 17 minutes
  • 0.85˚C steady-state temperature variation over time
  • Best overall temperature uniformity: < 5.2˚C with door openings, < 4.0˚C with no door openings
  • Longest warm up time from -80˚C to -50˚C at 5.05 hours
  • New! Four capacities: 400, 500, 600 and 700 2-inch box
  • Industry leading standard warranty: 5 years parts and labour
  • NEW! Re-designed, user interface with capacitive touch

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