Vibration Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring Systems

Vibration monitoring tools including continuous online monitoring, surveillance scanning, wireless condition monitoring, proximity probes, as well as the Australian built VMU-3 Vibration Monitoring Unit for continuous monitoring.


Continuous Online Monitoring

These self-contained monitors are designed to address essential and balance-of-plant (BOP) equipment assets that require continuous machinery protection but do not warrant the cost of larger, more sophisticated rack-based monitoring systems like the 3500 Series. 1900 monitors provide a simple and cost-effective way to apply machinery protection on selected machines or points. They are designed to operate as stand-alone units, or in conjunction with our Trendmaster® Pro on-line condition monitoring system ...More

Surveillance Scanning

Trendmaster® Pro is its innovative architecture, which links hundreds of permanently mounted transducers and measurement points onto a single-cable sensor network, and brings the data into System 1® software. Wiring costs are dramatically reduced when compared to a conventional continuous monitoring system, yet individual measurement points can be scanned by the system every few minutes to provide quasi-continuous condition monitoring data ...More

Essential Insight.mesh Wireless Condition Monitoring

Essential Insight.mesh is designed to address essential assets by augmenting your conventional hardwired permanent monitoring and hand-held portable monitoring strategies-allowing reliable and affordable condition monitoring where conventional technology has reached its limits ...More

Proximity Probes & Accessories

These transducers allow direct observation of shaft or target displacement for a variety of vibration, position, speed, and timing (i.e., phase) measurements. Various tip diameters and thread sizes/configurations are offered to allow measurement ranges as small as 200 micro inches (used with our REBAM® measurements), as large as 1.1 inch (typically used for differential expansion measurements on large steam turbines), and everything in between, including the popular 80 mil range used for the majority of machinery measurements ...More

Vibration Monitoring- VMU-3 Vibration Monitoring Unit

The Australian designed and built VMU-3 is a reliable vibration level detector and protector of rotating machines. Engines, pumps, gear boxes, turbines, conveyors and similar rotating equipment are protected continuously when linked to the VMU-3 vibration monitoring unit...More

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