Micro-Measurements Strain Gauges

Micro-Measurements Strain Gauges

Precision Strain Gauges, contains a broad range of pattern configurations and sizes, designed to meet the many and varied test requirements encountered throughout the field of experimental stress analysis.


General Purpose Gauges

The bondable foil strain gauges manufactured by our Micro-Measurements are available with thousands of possible combinations of grid alloys, pattern designs, gauge lengths, backing materials, resistances, and optional features. (See Gauge Designation System for details.) General-purpose gauges are available in the following patterns:
-Uniaxial Gauge with a single grid for measuring strain in the grid direction.
-Biaxial Rosettes Gauge with two perpendicular grids used to determine principal strains when their directions are known.
-Three-Element Rosettes Gauge with three independent grids in three directions for ascertaining the principal strains and their directions.
-Shear Patterns Gauge having two chevron grids that are used in half-bridge circuits for direct indication of shear strains....Download catalogue

Transducer-Class® Gauges

Transducer-Class strain gauges are a select group of gauge patterns designed specifically for transducer applications. The main objective is optimum gauge performance at lower cost in high-volume production quantities...More

Special-Purpose Sensors

Micro-Measurements also offers a variety of products designed to meet special needs and perform special functions in experimental stress analysis. These include:
-Bondable Temperature Sensors With nickel-foil grids, these sensors are used for general-purpose temperature measurements over the range of -320 to +500° F (-195 to +260° C).
-Crack Detection Gauges- Convenient, economical method of detecting cracks or crack growth.
-Crack Propagation Gauges Multiple conducting grids on a single backing accurately indicate the rate of crack propagation.
-Weldable Gauges Strain gauges and temperature sensors bonded to a metal carrier for spot welding to a test structure when adhesive cannot be used or minimum installation time is required.
-Residual Stress Rosettes for the practical, widely used hole-drilling method of residual stress determination.
-Shear Modulus Gauges Special gauges for accurately determining the shear modulus of composite materials with standard Iosipescu and Compact test specimens.
-Embedment Strain Gauges Special strain sensors for embedding in concrete.
*Complete details of all Micro-Measurements Special Sensors are included in Catalogue 500...Download catalogue

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