Electrodynamic Vibration Test Systems

Electrodynamic Vibration Test Systems

From single axis vibration test systems (shakers, amplifiers, controllers) to six degrees of freedom, multi-axis vibration test systems, Thermo Fisher Scientific can provide a complete test solution to suit customers’ requirements and budget. We can also provide shock test systems, drop testers and transport simulation test systems.

We can also provide service for shakers, replacement amplifiers, controllers and upgrades to your existing test systems. Our engineers have many years of experience with shaker systems.


Single Axis Shakers with Slip Tables (300N to 54KN)
This includes compact low range shakers (compact and silent design, but also powerful for full scale tests), benchtop shakers, larger shakers upto 54KN with enhanced performance and durability and permanent magnet modal shakers.

Large Displacement Shakers & Water Cooled Shakers with High Excitation force(16KN to 200KN)
These shakers accommodate high velocity and large displacement testing. Long duration shock tests require high velocity and large displacement. We also have a range of high excitation force and silent water cooled vibration simulating test system for improving test environment. The powerful specification has been engineered to give high overturning moment to a frequency range up to 3,000Hz. Due to its Water Cooled System, the K-Series shaker offers Silent Cooling, eliminating excess noise in the testing laboratory, ideal for use in noise-sensitive environments.

K-series, high excitation force water cooled vibration simulating test systems fully developed by IMV. Advanced performance from the K-series will significantly improve the test environment.

Test Systems for Transportation (1.96KN to 9.8KN)
These are suitable for transportation tests. The lateral support stiffness and maximum displacement of these shakers are large enough to be accommodate vibration tests of the specimens with high centre of gravity.

Simultaneous Multi Axis Systems
Multi-axis vibration test technology is at the cutting edge of Vibration Test & Measurement solutions available on the market today. Multi-axis test systems provide the end-user with accurate results in a realistic and convenient manner. It is possible to achieve far greater efficiency, up to a factor of three.

The result of multi-axis simultaneous excitation is completion of tests in drastically shorter times than single axis excitation, as all axis are running simultaneously.

Due to their nature, Multi-axis vibration generators can run tests across up to three separate axis, eliminating the need for additional sliptables.

Both IMV’s TS-Series and DS-Series of Multi-Axis Shakers can be combined with Climatic Test Chambers and Temperature / Humidity Chambers.

These include the following ranges:
• 2-axis change over systems
• 3- axis change over systems
• 2-axis simultaneous systems
• 3-axis simultaneous systems
• 6 degrees of freedom systems

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