DataTaker® DT90 Data Logger- Coming Soon

DT90 Data Logger

Compact and low power, meet the DT90 - DataTaker’s new data logger
The DataTaker team are excited to announce our new DT90 data logger is coming soon. Designed for companies in need of universal and low power data logging solutions. This compact data logger is cost effective, yet packs all the necessary features for logging your data.

The DT90 is designed with emphasis on low power, small size and ease of deployment. This logger is ideal for your remote monitoring applications.

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Key Benefits

  • Ease of deployment
    Simple connectivity via USB on-site makes it easy to configure and test the deployed monitoring module. Remote configuration gives the possibility to tune the system to arising needs.
  • Cost effective
    Low maintenance, long uninterrupted working time
  • Universal
    DT90 can connect to any type of sensors, Analogue: voltage, current, PT100; Digital: SDI-12, MODBUS RTU, counters and state.
  • Compact
    With the dimensions of 180 x 100 x 60 mm, this logger with inbuilt battery will fit anywhere you need it to.
  • Rechargeable battery
    Up to 300 days run time on one charge, making this logger the best solution for your remote monitoring applications.
  • 3G modem
    Easily transfer all your data, either directly or via the cloud, with internal 3G modem.
  • Up to 13 I/O Channels
    The DT90L comes with 8 analogue input and 5 digital input/output channels including SDI-12 and Modbus.

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