Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE)

We offer a large range of Ion Selective Electrodes (ISE) and meters suitable for measurement with ISE. Please also see our selection of benchtop ISE meters. We highly recommend that you talk to one of our experts on ISE before purchasing any ISE system so that we can best detrmine a system for your needs.


Orion* 5-Star Plus

The Thermo Scientific* 5-Star Plus portable pH/ORP/ISE/Conductivity/DO multiparameter meter offers advanced meter functions and a dual display. Waterproof, battery-operated meter measures 5 parameters, stands up to the most demanding R&D and QA/QC applications ...More

Orion* 4-Star Plus

The Thermo Scientific* 4-Star Plus portable pH/ISE multiparameter meter reads two measurements simultaneously. Waterproof, battery-operated meter makes it easy to read two water quality parameters at once ...More

Cyberscan 600 Series

Ion Selective Electrode, intuitive and powerful – the CyberScan pH 620, PCD 650, PC 650,and PD 650 offers one of the widest measurement ranges and biggest memory spaces offered in the DO handheld market today. Data-transfer is easy with the incorporated IrDA wireless ...Download brochure

Hach H Series

The H-Series portable meters are dual-technology pH (non-glass ISFET and traditional glass). These professional meter systems showcase a large LCD display with LED backlight, and have the ability to accurately measure pH, mV, temperature, ORP, and ISE ...Download brochure

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