Sludge and Sediment Sampling

Sludge & Sediment Sampling

Devices for collecting samples from drums, tanks, river beds and sludge ponds. Choose from a range of core samplers and dredges.


Drum & Tank Samplers

A range of sludge and sediment samplers including the Sludge Judge®, Tank Sampler, Mucksucker™ Wildco Hand Core Sediment Sampler, Piston Sampler and more ...Download brochure

Dredge Samplers

A range of dredges for sampling sediments from the bed of a body of water...Download brochure

Sediment Samplers

Take samples of sediment in a variety of applications with this range of samplers...Download brochure

Core Profilers

Take representative core samples from sediments using these profilers- Wildco Hand Corer and Dormer Piston Sampler ...Download brochure

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