Portable Gas Detectors -Landfill Gas Monitors

Portable Gas Detectors -Landfill Gas Monitors


Landfill Gas Analysers

Geotechnical Instruments GA5000

The GA5000 landfill and contaminated land gas analyser brings together proven gas detection techniques with advanced screen and software technology to meet the challenges of monitoring biogas and landfill gas in the field ...Download brochure

Geotechnical Instruments GEM5000

The GEM5000 landfill gas extraction monitor is designed for measuring CH4, CO2 and O2. It's an easy to use analyser designed to aid balancing the gas field, maximise power output and ultimately maximise revenue from CH4 extraction ...Download brochure


Biogas Analysers

Biogas Monitoring for Crops & Plantations

With top reliability and support, Geotech’s fixed gas analysers and portable biogas analysers are used throughout the globe to help AD businesses to optimise their AD process and provide technology to ensure your CHP runs efficiently and without interruption. Biogas analysis can help optimise digester operation and maximise methane production. It assists process control, which can help protect CHP engines from H2S and moisture damage. As a result, it ensures that methane is produced efficiently, ultimately generating revenue ...Download brochure

BIOGAS 5000 Portable Gas Analyser

The BIOGAS 5000 for accurate gas monitoring within biogas applications. It is easy to use, calibrate and configure and enables consistent collection of data for improved analysis and accurate reporting, whilst helping to check the digester process is running efficiently. Applications include: farm digester gas monitoring, food processing biogas monitoring, waste water biogas monitoring, methane recovery ...Download brochure

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