Portable Gas Detectors -Landfill Gas Monitors

Portable Gas Detectors -Landfill Gas Monitors


Geotechnical Instruments GA2000

The industry standard GA2000 is designed to meet landfill monitoring protocols set by Government legislation. Utilised with dedicated software the GA2000 becomes an extremely powerful detection monitoring and change indicator tool ...Download brochure

Geotechnical Instruments GA5000

The GA5000 landfill and contaminated land gas analyser brings together proven gas detection techniques with advanced screen and software technology to meet the challenges of monitoring biogas and landfill gas in the field ...Download brochure

Geotechnical Instruments GEM 2000 Plus

The GEM2000 Plus is designed to monitor landfill gas extraction systems. Utilising new technology the GEM2000 Plus gives increased reliability for Carbon Monoxide (CO) readings. It retains the features of the field proven GEM2000 ...Download brochure

Biogas Check

Designed to meet biogas project requirements, this simple to operate analyser is the ideal field instrument for anaerobic digester gas analysis. Easy to use and portable, the biogas check measures gas compositon with repeatable accuracy on farms, food processing plants and wastewater treatment facitilies ...Download brochure

Inspectra Laser Methane Analyser

Using laser spectroscopy technology, the Inspectra® Laser is a high performance methane detector offering total selectivity to methane and sensitivity of 1ppm ...Download brochure

Accu-Flo Wellheads

Accu-Flo Wellheads can help prevent landfill gas migration, landfill gas emissions and subsurface fires ...Download brochure

Accu-Flo Meter

The Accu-Flo Thermal Mass Flow Meter is for landfill gas and biogas flow measurement ...Download brochure

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