Odour Monitoring

Odour Monitors

We offer a full range of technologies designed to monitor low levels (ppb) of Hydrogen Sulphide and other odour producing and often toxic gases. Our product offering is extensive and includes our own ‘OdaLog’ brand portable odour survey units through to larger on-line “general area monitors” and “process monitors”.


Portable, Transportable & Fixed Extractive

SPM Flex Gas Detector

The SPM Flex, an evolution of our SPM and TLD gas detectors, is a portable, single point Chemcassette® tape-based monitor that detects the ultrasensitive gases inherent in your operations, including hydrides, mineral acids, oxidizers and amines. The Chemcassette tape technology shows the presence of gas, quickly and definitively with a physical record so you can prevent costly downtime from false alarms. ...Download brochure

OdaLog® L2 Logger & Monitor and OdaTrak™ System

Simple and effective gas logging and monitoring! Purpose designed for harsh wastewater environments. Certified intrinsically safe. Typical applications: Gas monitoring in manholes, drains and pits; Odour monitoring in sewer and streaming water; Ventilation pipes and rising mains; Inside sewer collection lines; Selected areas in treatment plants; Asset management and odour control
...Download L2 Logger & Monitor brochure

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OdaLog® Low Range H2S Logger

The Low Range H2S Logger is designed for indoor and outdoor use and will record levels of H2S at a sampling interval between 10 minutes and 1 hour for at least one week on a single C-size alkaline cell. This allows operators to deploy the Low Range Logger ahead of time at the site of a problem or facility perimeter so that odour problems can be measured and recorded as they occur. The Low Range H2S Logger has an in-built sample pump and can log up to 30,000 data points ...Download brochure

OdaLog® RTX Logger

Wireless transmission of H2S data from within sewer network. Specially designed for harsh wastewater environments. The OdaLog RTx uses an in-built GSM modem to transmit logged H2S data to a dedicated Internet server that is remotely accessible to end-users by using proprietary OdaStat-G software ...Download brochure

Jerome 605X Vapour Analyser

This next-generation of the renowned Jerome® family of vapour analysers maintains all the features, reliability and simplicity that have established Jerome® as an industry leader in the hydrogen sulfide and mercury vapour gas detection markets for more than 20 years. Significant performance enhancements and new features now provide a new alternative for industrial hygienists and consultants to detect, measure and report levels of hydrogen sulfide vapour for environmental, industrial and waste water treatment measurements ...Download brochure

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