Fixed Gas Systems -Toxic

Fixed Gas Systems -Toxic


Sensepoint XCL

The Sensepoint XCL is a wall-mounted device that monitors for hazardous levels of specific gases such as carbon monoxide, ammonia or methane, keeping operations and employees safe. When paired with a smartphone using a downloadable app, Sensepoint allows a single installer to perform commissioning, maintenance and management of the detector without requiring a second worker in a control room. It also simplifies generating system reports needed for regulatory compliance. ...Download Brochure       ...Download Data Sheet

SensePoint Flammable, Toxic & Oxygen Gas Detectors

The Sensepoint range of flammable, toxic and oxygen gas detectors offer users a high quality, low cost solution to their industrial gas monitoring needs. Installation in potentially explosive atmospheres is made by the use of a suitable Exd or Exe approved junction box ...Download brochure

SignalPoint Flammable Toxic Oxygen Gas Detectors

The Signalpoint range of flammable, toxic and Oxygen gas detectors offer users a low cost solution to their indoor gas monitoring needs. Supplied with an integral pre-wired junction box, the detector can be installed using conduit or cable and glands depending on individual site standards. Two basic arrangements are provided. Flammable detectors offer mV bridge output for use with dedicated gas control systems (such as Unipoint) and are certified under ATEX for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. Toxic and Oxygen detectors are designed for use in non explosive atmospheres ...Download brochure

XNX Universal Transmitter

XNX is an extremely flexible transmitter that can be configured to accept an input from any of the Honeywell Analytics range of gas sensor technologies. It can also be configured to provide a wide variety of industry standard output signals. This enables users to have a single type of interface to all their gas detection needs, even when different types of detectors are employed, to most effectively address the different gas detection applications on site...Download brochure

XCD Flammable, Toxic & Oxygen Deficiency Gas Detector

The Sensepoint XCD (Exceed) range of fixed gas detectors is used to monitor areas where flammable, oxygen deficiency and toxic gases may pose a hazard to working environments. Incorporating all the advantages of leading edge, fixed industrial gas detection technology, XCD offers high performance and reliability synonymous with the Honeywell brand. XCD is designed for a broad spectrum of industrial applications with a comprehensive choice of features and benefits in a truly cost effective package ...Download brochure

MDA Scientific Midas®

Midas® is a gas monitoring system for fast and reliable response to the presence of virtually all of the gases used or generated in the Semiconductor and other industrial manufacturing applications. Midas® offers lower cost of ownership benefits for gas detection through a combination of extended sensor calibration periods, flexible communications architecture and patented diagnostics that monitor sensor performance and flow control. Midas® is a universal transmitter platform that detects the majority of toxic, ambient and flammable gases that must be monitored in a typical industrial process environment. The pre-calibrated ‘plug-and-play’ smart sensor cartridge makes sensor replacement quick and easy to manage with no tools required, and prevents any operator error associated with using incorrect or depleted sensors ...Download brochure

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