HVFAA Horizontal Vertical FAA Flame Chamber

HVFAA Horizontal Vertical FAA Flame Chamber

Accepted by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to perform Bunsen burner tests that accurately determine the flammability of cabin compartment materials and electric wire. Applications include aeroplane cabin compartment materials and electrical wire; and fire hazard properties tested: flammability, flame spread, and ignition.

Draft-free large volume (>0.5m3) flame chamber
Vertical, Horizontal, 45 Degree and 60 Degree Wire Test Packages
Sliding hand ports for chamber access
Regulated gas control system
Calibrated gas flow meter with precision needle valve adjustment
ASTM D5025 Bunsen burner with remote positioning
Stopwatch plus three handset operated digital timers
Tempered glass sliding window
Interior inspection light
Flame height gauge Options: High temperature exhaust blower with variable speed control ASTM D5207 flame confirmation kit

Flammability Testing
Atlas flammability testing products determine reaction to fire characteristics for a wide range of basic and finished materials used in various industries. Common test materials include polymers, textiles, additives, coatings, furnishings, wood and building products. These bench scale instruments produce precise analytical data used in fire safety engineering to predict full-scale fire performance. Test results are routinely used for research, performance based modelling, material development, product classification and quality assurance.

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